Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fruit Stand (unfinished)

My counterpart and I decided to compose a song that was happy, but not cliché and certainly not about love. This is when we came across the concept of food. And as we all know, or should know, fruit just happens to be delicious. We first tried to write about a particular fruit, but couldn't decide on what, so my counterpart came up with the brilliant idea of a fruit stand. We agreed upon a time signature, a tempo, and a key, and decided to compose separate parts within these boundaries. I have yet to hear his version, it could still be under development for all I know. I might add drums to this, I might not. I have yet to decide on a drum beat that sits well in my stomach.

My friend was kind enough to strum the guitar chords I wrote and everything else was performed by me, including the awful vocals. I really only sound good singing harmonies right now and suck at singing the main melodies, but maybe someday with some formal or informal training I can change that.

I really enjoyed making this, even though I'm not too impressed with the end result. First, I came up with the vocal melody and the lyrics simultaneously. Then I added in the chords based off of the written melody. The orchestra bells were just a fun little thing to add on to help visualize little droplets of fruit juice. Ideally, I would've liked to sample the sounds of fruits being mashed or ripped open, and I might still do that. We'll see, along with that drum track.

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